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How can I improve the learning success in my exercise class? Which strategies can help me to step out of the standard exercise-​solving automatism? How can I hook and hold my students? The EPT-hub supports you in this.

The EPT [Engaging Physics Tutoring]-hub @ D-PHYS is an interactive space which supports TAs of introductory physics courses in their preparations of the exercise class. Together we built the community of good teaching practice, which shares physics-teaching developments, designs engaging materials for the lesson, and creates a co-working space for new ideas and initiatives.
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EPT slack workspace
Our slack workspace offers a platform for interactive exchange in the public channels: #hello, #general, #materials, #sharing-teaching-experiences. You can also get access to restricted private channels of specific physics courses you teach.
EPT database of personal teaching materials from physics TAs
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Professional & Personal development in teaching
Good physics teaching goes far beyond physics and teaching, but also includes aspects of soft skills, group dynamics and social influence, time and class management. These competences play an important role not only in teaching but also in our professional and personal life. We offer an opportunity of guidance to learn more about yourself and your personal opportunities!

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Mutual attendance & mentoring program
Some of us have a lot of teaching experience behind the shoulders, while the others just start their teaching path and sometimes need support in their first steps. Attending the class of other TA or discuss with more experienced colleague showed up to be a nice approach of sharing good teaching practices. Our program of mutual attendance and mentoring helps you with this!

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