Join the video-ADVENTure!
Advent time is approaching and EPT initiative warmly invites you to enjoy this time together by participating in a consolidated action “PITCH how you TEACH”. Join the video-ADVENTure: tell the others about your teaching – be it a didactical approach, learning activity, funny story or any other experience!

How? Very simple! Record 1min video and send it to ept@ethz.ch until 21.12.
During four Advent Sundays, the videos will be stepwise published on the EPT website (upon your agreement). The best videos will be awarded by the teaching ADVENTure prize! Additionally, a special “Sympathy Award” from public audience will be given on the basis of online votes.

Teachers from all the ETH units are welcome to join this adventure!
Make the video – erase teaching borders across the ETH Departments!
We cordially thank to all the participants of the "PITCH how you TEACH" action.
Your beautiful videos are inspiring!

The EPT ADVENTure Prizes go to Viola Vogler-Neuling, Lisa Peters and Jean Hayoz.

We also thank audience for active support of your favourite videos. The largest amount of votes went to the video of Michele Magno and PBL Team (D-ITET) who receive the EPT “Sympathy Award”.

Congratulations to all winners and thank you all for your great teaching passion!
Dr. Michele Magno and PBL Team
Teaching at D-ITET center for project based learning (PBL).
Bibiana Pinoth
I am a PhD student in Astronomy at Lund University. During my studies at ETH I was very involved in various teaching tasks, from “normal courses” for medical students, physicists and mathematicians to exam preparation courses for various departments and courses. I love teaching!

Fusshoeller Kevin
Recently defended (yuhu!!) my PhD thesis on the physics of the ghost particles also known as neutrinos. I enjoy the teaching a lot at ETH, be it as a teaching assistant for lectures or especially in the last few years for the lab courses, where students can have fun with experiments and seeing physics live in action!

Oleh Hordiichuk
PhD student at the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry (D-CHAB), Functional Inorganic Materials Group, doing research on solid-state chemistry.
Manuel Zeyen
Just defended my PhD @ IPA, working on high-power lasers for the last 4 years... I enjoy teaching a lot, especially on Monday mornings :). Jokes aside, be it as a volleyball coach or as a physics teaching-assistant, I just enjoy helping people get better at something.
Lisa Peters
As I'm only in my second year of the Physics Bachelor programme I don't have that much Physics background (yet...), but I'm really enthousiastic about studying and now teaching Physics at the ETH. I've always been very curious, so what I most love about it, is seeing the world from a different perspective and understanding the nature surrounding us . I see teaching as a great opportunity to share this view with other students.

Noah Kim
I'm Noah, a mechanical engineer (D-MAVT) in my fifth semester bachelor and teaching dynamics as a TA for the first time. I was used to tutoring only a single person, but am really enjoying the challenge of finding a way to explain to students on different learning levels simultaneously.
Dr. Liliana Duarte
Since 2018, I am a lecturing a course "Advanced Joining Technologies" at the Materials Department (D-MATL) and as well a scientist at Paul Scherrer Institut.
In this course, I am teaching about the different types of joinings - applications from our daily life to soldering of power electronics industry going to more advanced joining like the ones used in space mission like BepiColombo mission (https://sci.esa.int/web/bepicolombo).
Vira Bondar
Hello, I'm a postdoctoral researcher at the group of low energy precision physics; and very much passionate about teaching!
Danaisis Vargas
PhD student in particle physics, CERN.
Jean Hayoz
PhD student at the Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics (D-PHYS), doing research on Exoplanets & Habitability.
Dr. Georg Bison
Lecturer of Electronics course (D-PHYS).
Technical coordinator of the n2EDM experiment at Paul Scherrer Institute.
Elizabeth Weirich
Elizabeth is responsible for the university policy and the Sprinkles project at ETH's student-driven teaching initiative PRISMA. She is pursuing a Master's in Physics at ETH, with a focus on sustainability, atmosphere, and climate science. She also did a Data Science internship in Barcelona and completed a professional dancing program in New York.
Viola Vogler-Neuling
PhD student at the Institute for Quantum Electronics at the D-Phys/ETHZ is doing research on nonlinear photonic crystals and electro-optic metasurfaces. Viola is also engaged in the working group of D-Phys to improve the learning environment for first year Physics students and passionate about teaching.
Anna Knörr
Hi, I'm Anna - currently a graduate student in theoretical physics at Perimeter Institute in Canada (ETH Alumni). What I love about learning and teaching physics is building up a big toolbox... and seeing where I can apply them creatively! Maybe that's what I also love about handstands: seeing the world from a fresh perspective.
Dr. Ralph Schumacher
Co-Head of the MINT Learning Center.
Research Area: Research on Learning and Instruction
Sunny greetings from the MINT-Learning Center!
Caspar Schlösser
Postdoctoral researcher at ETH in particle physics, working at CERN on detecting and studying the interactions of neutrinos, our favorite ghost-like particles. Avid teaching enthusiast that recently joined the EPT-Hub.


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